Work Sample Descriptions

Compensation Manual- Viso Energy Drink

This manual summarizes the process of creating a pay structure for Viso, a sports energy drink. I collaborated with a colleague to systematically analyze Viso's business needs, and current market trends to create a pay structure that aligns with their organizational goals.    


Organizational Diagnosis- The Heart of Ida

With the help of two colleagues, we conducted an organizational diagnosis on The Heart of Ida, a non-profit organization with the mission of helping older adults preserve their independence. The organization was experiencing issues with volunteer recruitment and retention. Through our diagnosis we discovered that these were actually symptoms of other underlying issues. A prioritized list of recommendations was given, along with 

suggestions for implementation


Test Construction Manual- FOMOW Scale 

This manual describes the process of developing a rationally derived psychological measure of typical performance for the phenomenon commonly known as "Fear of Missing Out," in the workplace context. Myself and four colleagues identified the construct of Fear of Missing Out in the Workplace (FOMOW), and developed a valid scale to measure it.  




Organizational Diagnosis- Credit Union of Southern California 

I conducted an organizational diagnosis on Credit Union of Southern California to determine their needs for updating their performance evaluation process. I assessed the organization as a whole, and was able to make a prioritized list of recommendations and suggestions for implementation.